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    Phone:    (540) 375-4200
    Toll Free: (800) 451-5544 
                (Richmond Office)

    Street Address:
    5525 Catawba Hospital Drive
    Catawba, Virginia 24070

    Mailing Address:
    Catawba Hospital
    P.O. Box 200
    Catawba, Virginia 24070-0200

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Contact Us

Mailing Address

Catawba Hospital
P.O. Box 200
Catawba, VA  24070-2006

Street Address

5525 Catawba Hospital Drive,  Catawba, VA  

Catawba Hospital Contacts

Responsibility Name Phone Fax
Main Phone Operator 540-375-4200 540-375-4394
Director of Catawba Hospital Walton F. Mitchell, III 540-375-4201 540-375-4394
Facility Administrator Charles Law, Ph.D. 540-375-4201 540-375-4394
Director of Human Resources Patricia P. Ebbett, MHA 540-375-4286 540-375-4359  
Legislation and Public Relations Walton F. Mitchell, III 540-375-4201 540-375-4328
Human Rights Advocate Hollie Stephens 540-375-4321 540-375-4328
Chief of Staff Yad Jabbarpour, M.D., DFAPA 540-375-4268 540-375-4394
Volunteer Services Summer Matics, CTRS 540-375-4309 540-375-4348
Human Resources Personnel 540-375-4211 540-375-4359

DBHDS Central Office Contacts in Richmond, Virginia

TTYs and Phone Numbers 

Coordinator, Deaf Services:  804-786-1587 (V/TTY)
Central Office Toll Free:        804-451-5544         
Central Office Voice TDD:     804-371-8977
Central Office Fax:                804-371-6638  

Office of the Commissioner:  800-371-8977

Responsibility Name Phone Fax
Interim Commissioner Jack Barber 804-786-3921  804-371-6638
Assistant Commissioner of Developmental Services Connie Cochran 804-663-7259 804-371-6638
Assistant Commissioner Behavioral Health Services Daniel Herr 804-786-7287 804-371-6638
Administrative Staff Specialist An-Li Hoban 804-786-3921  804-371-6638

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